Making These Things More"earnable" Through Runescape Game

Making These Things More"earnable" Through Runescape Game



RuneScape Gold  games also share 1 log in server. Rs3 is worlds 1 to 200 although I am no expert but it feels like it is 1 match that is single and osrs is worlds 300 to 400. Idk the exact numbers but something like that. Obviously the 200 worlds can be only seen by you if you're on the proper client. While I'm not 100% certain about the worlds kind comparison I do know they share the same login server as a while ago osrs had an problem and they shit down the log in server and no one could log into rs3 either.

Jagex should let you horde your keys

The reason jagex doesnt allow this, is to produce a situation in which you feel pressured to act now as that is your only option to genuinely make the most of a 35, and buy keys. Being able to horde keys for promotions somebody wants to take part in, mtx feels just like something you've got more control over and you could"earn" with daily challenges and just being smart eith your daily keys. Instead of.

It would also force jagex to be careful when balancing these promotions would have the ability to use a bunch of keys on a promo. I dont think its fair to say this would be unbalanced to not implement this as they dont seem to care st about balance if it is being paid for by someone. Earning it through persistence and patience is not good, while purchasing it is totally balanced and fine is obviously ridiculous. And when it was unbalanced, itd be jagex remedied mistake by making the promos unbalanced to start with.

You would still have to log in to Buy Runescape Gold find the keys that are daily, wouldnt add up passively in the background. I'm well aware or the reasons. I said them explicitly in my article. Nonetheless, it's not like it would destroy the value of buying keys. This will always be infinitely. However, theyve been wanting to make changes to make their mtx strategy more user friendly and theyve talked about making these things more"earnable" through RuneScape game. (Or so they say) I think this could be a nice step in the ideal direction along with a reasonable compromise. Of course I know why it is the way it is. Not the purpose.