DOn KCee: I am an inspiration to the Youth

DOn KCee: I am an inspiration to the Youth


I have in my music journey been known for encouraging, educating and inspiring the Youth and preaching Morality and Hard work in most of my tunes.

This has gone a long way to make me a role model to most of the Youth especially those eminent to me, anytime i step out to the streets the Youth shows much love and support which also motivates me to keep fuelling my dream. 

I have a couple of songs i use to encourage people like one which I titled Hard Work and Love your Neighbour...

I have been accorded by the people of Saboba and Kikpakpaang as a whole and I promise to always stay Positive in my music career to help project the image Kikpakpaang..


However remember we are in the era of this unknown virus #Corona and I therefore plead that we all abide by all the measures kept inplace to stay alive.

Long live Ghana Music

Long live Konkomba Music