Regular Maintenance Of Metal Stamping Parts Production Equipment

First, why do we need to repair the mold.


First, why do we need to repair the mold:

  1. Everyone has heard the story of Drip Stone. Since the mold is in a moving state during mass production, and is in a high impact, high pressure and high temperature state, the wear of the mold is normal.
  2. When the car travels 5,000 kilometers, it must be maintained and maintained. Moulds are in the works and also related to cars in motion. Generally, a set of molds must be set before the molds, the order must be completed before the molds are started, and the injection molding shop is not very familiar with the correct maintenance of the molds. You must wait until the mold is abnormally damaged before transferring the mold to a mold part for mold repair.
  3. A mold is a mobile tool. Under normal circumstances, the clearance matches the clearance, and the clearance fit will wear during movement, which will cause the clearance to be too large. It can affect product quality for a long time, so regular maintenance and replacement of consumables are needed.

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